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Whether you are a beginner or an experienced painter, I am available to teach you. I can teach  individually, or small groups. These classes can be held at my studio or off site, depending on how many students I have.


A two hour session for one student is $40.

Evenings and weekends.


Group sessions: (2 hours) in studio.


2 - 3 students           $30 per student         

4 - 5 students           $25 per student


Scheduling are negotiable.



Mix Media/Painting


Course Description: This course places an emphasis on basic practises in painting, and mix media. With a strong interest in merging art forms, whether that be representational or abstract. Students will be encouraged to experiment with images, shapes and forms.


Students will employ a wide range of materials including; old photos or current digital images, found objects, photo transfers and acrylic paint etc. Students are encouraged to consider various collage and assemblage techniques, integrating digital and analogue data, paint, ink, pencil on canvas, memory box and\or wood cradle.


Presentations of important artists from variety of artistic styles will be discussed, as well as individual and group critiques, readings and exercises are part of the teaching environment.


6 two hour sessions for a total of 12 hrs of instruction                       


1 student       $240


Group sessions

2 students                   $160 per student

3 student                     $140 per student

4 or more students      $120 per student 


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